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''Remember the lips where the wind-breath originated, and let your note be clear, don't try to end it, Be your note, I'll show you how it's enough'
'Every note spoke volumes' Peter Palmer, Nottingham Evening post

Musician Emma Coulthard is Cardiff born and Dublin bred. Having moved to Dublin at a very young age, Emma began to study flute and recorder at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with Doris Keogh, specialising in Early and Contemporary music. She continued her studies at Trinity College Dublin where she gained a Masters Degree in Musicology. Emma has performed and recorded works by Irish Composers John Buckley, Martin O’Leary, Michael Holohan, Fergus Johnston and was the soloist for Paul Hayes’ Prix Italia piece Mass production . She has recorded for BBC and RTE television and radio. Now back in Cardiff, she has had pieces written for her by the late Welsh Composers Peter Reynolds and Mervyn Burtch, performing at the National Museum . Girl with Flute is a project rekindling her relationship with the flute and exploring the metamorphosis from voice to flute to electronics. Emma has had masterclasses with the New York Flute pioneer Robert Dick, who has been a huge influence, with extended techniques and the Glissando Headjoint. Emma is working with several composers on new projects and gave the premier of Fergus Johnston’s Planxty at the WMC in 2018.

Emma is also Head of Oxfordshire County Music Service and has been published by Music Sales, Chester and Trinity publications. She is the author of the popular 'Best Duet Book Ever!' series and writes regularly on Music Education.
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