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June 2019

Very excited to be performing in Tokyo this month at the invitation of Irish Composer Paul Hayes.  In addition to performing his 'Echo Chatterbox' for singing flautist, I'm also presenting a new collaboration with Anna Murray, who has recently moved to Tokyo from Ireland.  This involves a beautifully crafted track of bells and gongs  for me to improvise over, live. Pleased also to include music by Benjamin Dwyer, John Buckley, Gráinne Mulvey, John McLachlan and Michael Holohan

IAugust 2019

Absolutely thrilled to have been successful with my application to the Arts Council of Ireland, to commission Composer John McLachlan to write a piece for myself and David Adams. Heading to Donegal to work on the piece with my son, Rhys.

March 2019

Heading to London this week to rehearse 'Hag!' with Benjamin Dwyer. Have been working on new pieces by Frank Corcoran, John Buckley and John McLachlan for the Chapter performance, which will also include two works for flute and electronics that involve the Glissando Headjoint, which has really opened up new worlds for me. Looking forward to hearing Jenn Kirby and Benjamin Dwyer perform their own music here in Cardiff, and delighted that we will be joined by composer John McLachlan for the event, which is supported by CMC Ireland.

January 2019

Manuscript by Frank Corcoran in my email - 'One Minute for St Patrick' for which I need the Alto flute just for the last 8 bars!  that will mean I can't travel Ryan Air hand luggage only for performances.  Frank always packs drama and makes a big statement.  Looking forward to bringing this to life.

February 2019

Trip to Dublin to meet with Composers Gráinne Mulvey and Judith Ring, who will be writing for me this year.  A chance meeting with Composer Fergus Johnston at Dublin Airport on his way back from Iceland  - a saga to tell I'm sure! Lucky to have been able to attend a superb Beckett inspired concert at the Hugh Lane Gallery, by Benjamin Dwyer, with Barry Guy , Maya Homburger and Barry McGovern.